Sunday, July 24, 2016

Deer this morning

I was out with Russ and I heard what sounded like a branch breaking.  I've learned that sound means deer are in the woods.  So I wandered up and saw three does and a buck.  It's the buck I've seen recently and have been trying to get a decent photo of him.

Here's what I saw...

Leopard frog rescue

Rescued two leopard frogs the other day.  About a week ago, I pulled out four at one time.  Very powerful legs.

Here they are in the window well and then back in the grass...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mississippi Kites

My brother Dean told me they have a pair of Mississippi Kites nesting in a tree next to their backyard.  They are rare to occasional in Iowa but becoming more common in that part of Kansas.

Here is a picture from the internet...

Impressive bird.  Here is a picture from my nephew Jon...(thank you for sharing!)

From Wikipedia...
The Mississippi kite is a small bird of prey. Mississippi kites have narrow, pointed wings and are graceful in flight, often appearing to float in the air. It is not uncommon to see several circling in the same area.

Their diet consists mostly of insects which they capture in flight. They eat cicada, grasshoppers, and other crop-damaging insects, making them economically important. They have also been known to eat small vertebrates, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals.  Their call is a high-pitched squeak, sounding similar to that of a squeaky toy.

Mushrooms or toadstools? Or both?

Went for a very short walk this morning due to the heat.  These pictures are from the house on the corner down by our mailbox...part of the older neighborhood.

I've Googled mushrooms and toadstools and I'm not really sure what I'm seeing but I thought they were interesting.

Looks like flying saucers!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Who's down there?

I've been seeing these holes around the neighborhood.  Maybe they've been there in years past and I didn't notice them.  The hole is obviously too big for ants and I've never seen chipmunks leave mounds like this.  So after looking online, these seem to be classic gopher (or pocket gopher) holes and mounds...